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A new car can be one of the largest investments that we make and yet we often times forget to take proper care of them. We leave them outside allowing environmental pollutants and harmful UV rays to destroy their exterior finish. They get scratched by car doors and shopping carts in parking lots and interiors accumulate dust, dirt, and mud.


Auto Detailing can remove light scratches and blemishes from car exteriors. It can restore the color and shine of your vehicle. It can comprehensively clean your interior and carpets to recapture that new car look and feel. You remember that feeling you had driving your brand new car home from the dealership, it was new, it was perfect! A professional detail will help restore your car to that condition.


Detailing Services start as low as $139.95 for an Express Detail & Wax so be sure to check out our price guide below and see how you can get your car looking like new again in no time!

Detailing Packages 1-12-24A.png
Price Chart Detailing 1-12-24.png

*Please note that all prices are for average sized vehicles. Additional charges will be applied to over-sized vehicles.

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